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Defy gravity.

Regain the spring in your step with Pilates and get ready for anything that moves you. Jump in today!

"Most of us could benefit from a personal trainer for our pelvic floor,"  - Dr. Lauren Streicher, Medical Director of Northwestern University’s Center for Sexual Medicine and Menopause.  

Read my take on a recent New York Times article (Feb. 2023)
and my approach to training the pelvic floor and core.


"I've had pain for over a decade due to child bearing, rearing and an accident.  Greta was immediately able to identify where I was holding my body incorrectly, and with her gentle cues and touch, she had me in a position that reduced pain tremendously almost immediately.  Greta is a knowledgeable and experienced teacher, and I'm grateful I have the opportunity to work with her."


"I am amazed how much younger and more buoyant my body feels from this work. It's been the missing puzzle piece that I have been searching for. I can't thank Greta enough."


"I went to a big dance party last Friday, jumped around and danced for hours, and the next day hiked 12 miles, (up and down hills, even a bit of scrambling), and my knee still feels great!! I'm really enjoying having the tools to improve my everyday movement, get stronger and feel better."
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